Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Joyeuse fête des mères or Happy Mother's Day!!!

 Joyeuse fête des mères or Happy Mother's Day!!!
That means that we'll be able to use Skype!!! :D

 Oh man, I'm so excited!
I realized something that I didn't quite see before. Sometimes I worry a lot about not being able to explain things very clearly or not really knowing completely what it is that I need say during lessons; however, its not what I explain that will impact these people's lives but its the conviction that I show through my countenance along with the solid bearing of my testimony with a heart full of faith that will genuinely make all the difference.
Well, as for the new area, it's been slow going, having had to show the other missionaries to their new secteurs as well as to their investigators' homes for quite a few days within the past couple weeks. However, the secteur that we work in is in our neighborhood and so it's not difficult at all to get around. Now that my companion is getting more sleep due to the medication that he's been taking, we won't need to go to the hospital anymore; that, and we finished showing the other elders to all that they need to work with so we are now finally free to start pioneering. 
As for the good news, last Sunday, our friend Rodric came to church for the first time in the month or so that we've been teaching him. That, and my comp and I were able to set two baptismal dates with Frère Rodric along with a new investigator in our new secteurs named Soeur Brigitte. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks, but let's just keep hoping that they'll both keep progressing so that we'll be able to help them get themselves baptized.  
As for Boris, I probably won't be able to see him anytime soon because his home is no longer in my secteur; however, I'm going to give him a call here in a little bit just to see how he's doing. I'll see to it that I call him throughout the entirety of my mission to see if he's still going strong in the church and that everything is going okay for him in life. Who knows, maybe after a year he'll be ready to go do a mission -- of which would be so awesome!!!  
 We've been going about meeting new people and sharing the message of the gospel with whomever is willing to hear it. So far, we've received about 20 new contacts through proselyting alone and have had appointments with about five of them on a fairly consistent basis. We hope they'll be able to progress and hopefully some day we'll be able to help a few of them start getting themselves where they need to be -- the temple!
Well my most amazing family, I'm afraid I must now depart to go pick up some pictures that we had printed out for a few members in my last ward; afterwards, I'll be heading over to a dinner appointment with a family whom we always buy our bread from.
By the way, here's an awesome scripture that I read this morning: Alma 37:36 -- The thing that I learned from this scripture was that in every aspect of our lives we should always remember the Lord and involve Him in everything that we do. For me, this scripture truly defines how one should remember the Lord and Savior during and after having taking the Sacrament.
Okay everyone, take care, I love you, God bless you and I'll SEE you all next week!!! :D
 After Skyping on Mother's Day:
I'm so happy and grateful to my Lord and Savoir for the opportunity that he has given me to see you all again. It was truly a really wonderful blessing to hear your voices and to see your faces. I'm so glad to have prayed with you guys as well. That really hit home cause it made me realize that even if we're thousands of miles apart, we're all still there together through prayer. That actually opened my eyes a little because that's exactly what its like for our Heavenly Father when we pray to Him. Though we may be apart, we can still connect with Him through prayer. This life is only but a small moment and so enjoy every single bit of it through good deeds and righteous works. 
à bientôt!!!
Elder Gonzales

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