Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prayers on my behalf will be very sincerelly and especially appreciated!!!

 Hey family! I apologize that I didn't get to write to you last week! We arrived late to the Cyber last week and I only had enough time to write to Casey who after a few months has written to me an awesome message.
  I'm super glad to hear that you've all had an awesome 4th of July and that you've been able to have fun experiences as a family through out the weeks! Do me a favor and send my love to all our entended family members for me and shout out "salut" from my part to them as well. 
 Check it out! I've got some crazy news to share with you! I might not have had the pleasure of watching fireworks blazing magnificiantly through the night sky; however, while my collègue and I were with an investigator whom we brought with us to go to church for her first time to institute Saturday night, I received the phone call from one of our assistants to the president. After working for seven months in the same appartment in Adidogomé, I have been called to serve in a city not too far from here called Kégé. While there, I will be training a missionary from Samoa who does not speak French. I'm not sure if he is directly from Samoa or not, for all I know he could have been born there and was later raised in the US; however, it seems to be that I am about to open up a whole new chapter of responsibilty and a lot of hard work. 
I'm not scared of what's going to happen due to everything that I've already been through; although, I am a bit nervous and a little anxious all at the same time. I know I am not anything close to perfect, but I'm ready to take on this sacred task that has been placed upon me and I'm willing to face the challenges that are bound to come my way. Dispite my anxieties, I'm actually very excited to have been presented with this wonderful opportunity that I've been hoping to have one day to be able to take part in the start of a new generation of missionaries as a trainer.
 Prayers on my behalf will be very sincerelly and especially appreciated!!! 
 Thank you so much for the prayers that you've made on behalf of our investigators. I've sincerelly seen the difference in the progression of four of them who we've been really concentrating ourselves on since I've asked you to pray from them last week. Our friend Rodrigue who has struggled to get himself to church because of his work, whom we teach, see, visit, talk to, eat and hang out with, has started to become re-interested in the Gospel, especially when we had introduced to him the temple, eternal marriage, baptism for the dead, along with other blessings that come from going there. In fact, among these four progressing investigators, there are two potential baptismal canidates named Sr. Yeabli and Sr. Patience, to whom we have as well introduced to the temple.
Sr. Patience, I am completely certain, will be baptised while I'm gone. The only thing that has stopping her is the permission of her mother, who has declared that she is not in agreement with her daughter being baptised. We only hope and pray that one day her mother's heart will soften enough to the point that she will allow her daughter to be baptised. Even though Sr. Patience is twenty-five years old, she is living with her mother at this time, and if Sr. Patience were to leave her mother's church, she could be potentially kicked out of her mother's home with no where to go and no means to take care of herself nor her daughter, who, unfortunately, does not want to be baptised due to the lack of interest and understanding, having also been persuaded by persecution. At the end of it all, we are all free to choose whatever it is that we so desire to do; however, we will patiently continue to persist diligently in doing everything that we can to help her and all of our other investigators understand and simply realise the blessings that are waiting for them in the temple.
 Sr. Yeabli has become particularly interessted in the church since we answered her truly significiant soul-searching questions by introducing to her the Plan of Salvation along with the temple. I'm sorry, but based off of everything that I've learned from the hundreds of churches found in Togo is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church on the earth. The Bible and The Book of Mormon correlate in such a manner that it simply makes absolutely sense if not provide solid proof that this church is nothing but absolutely true. I'm living the story of Joseph Smith every day. Apostacy is real. However, the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ along with the power and authority to act upon His holy name, I tell you, has been restorated and is only found in the church that we are in this very day. The evidence is real and is there to be found by those who sincerelly search for it. Even then, proof can be fought by the cunningness of Satan by distoration, misconception, antichristianisme along with many other things. However, if we so desire to maintain the integrity and conviction of our testimonies, we must follow the instructions given to us in Moroni 10:3-5 because it is through the Spirit alone that we will be able to protect our testimonies from the Adversary and his attemps to destroy them (D&C 10:5).

 Well family, I pray that the Spirit of the Lord stay with you at all times and in all places that you may be protected from physical and spiritual harm. Have another wonderful week and take good care of each other!!!
 P.S. -- Fr. Rodrigue and Sr. Patience were super sad when they found out that I'm going to be transfered. I'm not going to lie, it really put a knife in my heart to tell them that in a few days I'll be gone. It's really going to be hard to leave them. My collègue and I taught them so much and spent so much time with them these past three months. It's crazy just how fast the time has gone. They've become very good friends of mine and I'll never forget them. Thankfully I have their contact information so we'll be able to keep in contact throughout the entirety of my mission along with after as well.
 Parents, congratulations with your 20th anniversary! I sincerelly hope you two had a wonderful time in celebrating such an awesome day.  

Avec amour,
Elder Gonzales

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