Friday, February 27, 2015

No more fish!

 Well, talk about having some experiences while I'm here. Turns out I just finished having one that I hope I never have to have again! So, I don't know if the mission leaders contacted you, but I've been in the hospital since Friday until this morning because I had a serious case of the runs and a pretty hardcore fever. Yeah, it was pretty intense. But, like I said, I was just released today, not having shown any signs or symptoms yesterday and today. As for the hospital experience, it wasn't too bad, other than the shower water smelt absolutely horrid and the bed was as stiff as a board. I had an I.V. in my wrist for to receive fluids and I took three shots to the top of my right back side. As for my sickness, it was caused by something that I had eaten. I don't really remember what the meal was exactly but it had something to do with fish.
The fever was pretty hardcore and I was burning up pretty bad; however, I don't know how high it was.
The hospital was alright. It was nothing like an American hospital, but at least it was a nice facility with workers that knew what they were doing. My only issues while I was there was that I got bitten a ton by mosquitos the first night, it was super-hot (until they brought me a fan), the bed was super stiff and the shower room stank super bad as well as the closets where we stored our stuff. My companion stayed with me during the whole experience. He slept on a think, cushioned mat.
 But there's no need to worry, I'm doing much better now and my health is working its way back.

  Well, as for baptisms, we've committed a young man named Borris to be baptized I think towards the end of the month, but we might need to push the date back because we haven't quite gone over everything yet. But he's in progress so we'll continue to work with him and hope and pray that he'll still want to be baptized! A lot of people that we've been working with have been progressing really well and we've been lucky to be able to teach some of our contacts which has been super great.

 It's pretty crazy that I'm in Africa; however, now that I've been here for three and half months, it's really starting to become a normal deal, save for the occasional interesting or otherwise crazy experiences. Oh, guess what? Two more weeks and I'll be done with my training! That means I'll either be staying or leaving and I'll either become a trainer, which I hope doesn't happen because I'm nowhere near ready (but I'm at least still willing if that's what the Lord needs me to do), or I'll be a junior companion again which I think is what will end up happening.

 As for change, I'm definitely becoming more bold, courageous, loving, patient, and charitable. I've noticed that my character is being sculpted into something I never knew I was capable of becoming. I have a much stronger testimony, my wisdom and knowledge of the Gospel is increasing, my love for the scriptures is growing, I'm becoming more capable of teaching more effectively, I'm able to stand up for myself and hold my ground, I'm developing more fear for the Lord than the people, I've been repenting so much more than before, I feel the spirit so much more, and my love for the Lord and Savior is becoming so strong and I've come to be so grateful to Him for the Atonement and the Resurrection. Don't get me wrong, I still have a LOT of weakness, but this is the Lord's work and so all I need to do is make sure to strive to be personally sanctified, have a lot of courage, have the faith to open my mouth and speak.

 Well, everything is still going really well over here. It's getting harder to speak and write in English and getting easier to speak and understand French. Sometimes, while talking to the American Elder named Elder Sagers, I'll accidently mix French words in my sentences or say a phrase in English that is said in French (if that makes sense). I actually prefer to speak French now with him (due to the fact that he already knows French) because that's the best way to learn a language, that is, to speak and then continue speaking. And this is probably going to be the only time in my life where I'll have the opportunity to speak French all the time so I should live it up to the fullest and enjoy it while I can, even if I can't entirely understand all the time. However, give me about two-three more months and I'm certain that I'll have this language down, especially after I finish reading the Book of Mormon in French. But, the language doesn't matter all I need to do is learn the doctrine because that's the true reason why I'm here, that is, to invite others to come unto Christ so they can have eternal life in Heavenly Father's kingdom. French, for me, is simply a gift on top of all my work to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

 Well, hopefully my companion and I will be able to help Frère Borris become baptized this upcoming Saturday before our transfer ends. And, if not, it'll still be okay because I'll most likely just end up staying here in Adidogomé so I'll be able to continue working with him. I'm not sure, but I may also end up going to the new apartment in this same area.

 Well I hope everything is still going well for you all and that your health is still going strong! Keep hitting me up with the details about life! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask them! I love you all so much and I'm so glad to have been able to write to you! Be safe and enjoy everything that you've been given!

 à la semaine prochaine!
Avec amour,
Votre frère et fils,
Elder Gonzales

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