Monday, June 13, 2016

"Thank you Mom"

Dear Mom:

 Mom, there's something that I want you to know: you've already succeeded in more ways than you've probably even recognized. Did you know that it was because of your efforts that I read my scriptures everyday? When I teach my investigators and converts, I literally tell them all the time that it was because of you telling me over and over again back at home that I should read my scriptures every day because you knew that it was important that I started doing so in high school and in my mission. Might I also mention that you did so with love, ecouragement, patience and genuine concern for my spiritual well-being (the most effective way to get anyone to do anything). As a result of me telling them about what you did for me, many of my investigators and converts have listened to my encouragements to read the scriptures daily and have started reading their scriptures more frequently. Did you know that you taught me what it means to unselfishly serve and help others without even considering my own interests or comfort? I remember asking you one day why you helped the sisters in our ward so often with their callings, feeling that they were placing a burden on your shoulders every time they did so. Did you complain? No. In fact, you did it with gladness and joy and out of the kindness of your heart simply to be of assistance, despite the inconvenience. There have been many other instances where you have displayed this Christ-like attribute of charity, and because of that, I seek to do the same every moment of every day when such opportunities to help or to serve others arises. This has brought some of the greatest joys that I've experienced through out the entirety of my mission and has enabled me to develop many friendships.
There are many Christ-like qualities that you've helped me to integrate into my life and you've taught me since my youth to walk in the light and to keep the commandments. Who you are has always inspired me to be the very best that I can in everything that I do and you're wonderful example has shown me what I should do and what kind of person I should to be.
All that being said, and with Mother's day shortly to come, I just like to say thank you Mom, for all that you've done for me and for all that you continue to do for the family and for everyone around you. Thank you for the advice, counsel, wisdom, words of kindness and encouragement, the brilliant example of a true disciple of Christ, the best childhood anyone could ask for, the compassion, the sympathy, the listening, the charity, the concern for my well-being, for always showing me that you truly care, for helping me feel that I have worth, for helping me feel good about myself through your well-appreciated compliments, for writing to me so frequently, for the prayers, for always seeking to help me feel happy, for always striving to take care of me in every possible way, for making me lunches every day, for your awesome cooking that I miss so much, and so much more. Never think that you didn't do enough, for you did everything that the Lord expected of you. I could not have possibly asked for a better mother, for you have exceeded in every possible way in my eyes.

 Well, Mom, I just want you to know that I love you so much, I really miss and appreciate you and I look forward to seeing you again on Mother's Day. I hope that you have a wonderful week and that everything may go well for you.

Sincerely, your son,
Elder Gonzales 

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